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Individual or corporate investor who intends to take control of a company (often ostensibly for greenmail) by buying a controlling interest in its stock and installing new management. Raiders who accumulate 5% or more of the outstanding shares in the target company must report their purchases to the SEC, the exchange of listing, and the target itself. See: takeover.

Corporate Raider

A person or company that is offering or executing a hostile takeover by buying shares directly from shareholders. If a firm makes an offer to shareholders to acquire a publicly-traded company after the board of directors refuses, or if it bypasses the board completely, one refers to the acquiring firm as a corporate raider. Often, the corporate raider does not actually intend to take over the target company, but is simply trying to force the board of directors to repurchase shares at a premium to their market value. A corporate raider that accumulates more than 5% of a company's outstanding shares must register with the SEC. It is also known simply as a raider. See also: Greenmail, Premium raid.


A person or firm that attempts a takeover of a company. Also called corporate raider. Compare target company, white knight. See also greenmail, junk financing, shark repellent.
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If NFL officials or owners visited the Coliseum, something many haven't done since the Raiders left, they'd see it differently, says Coliseum general manager Pat Lynch.
The Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, who the Raiders beat at home last season, play at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum at 1:15 p.
This time around, Dixon didn't get the opportunity to play catch with the Raiders quarterback.
The beauty of this arrangement,'' said Morris Bradshaw, former wide receiver and now senior administrator for the Silver and Black, ``is that it allows for the Raiders and our fans all over the world to interact 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
What happened here amid the late-afternoon shards of San Diego sunshine just doesn't happen to the Raiders, who had won their past three Super Bowls by an average of three touchdowns, and it wasn't supposed to happen this season, in the game for which their veteran roster was built.
We're not all bad,'' said Frank Chiodo, a Raiders fan from San Jose who arrived Saturday for the game.
Noting that the Raiders were "born here in 1960" and that the area and the team have formed a unique bond, Harris said the area needs the economic boost the team will bring as well as the boost in pride and attitude and sense of community and cohesiveness the Raiders help generate.
1 defense this season, held Oakland's top-ranked offense to 269 yards - just 62 in the first half - and held the Raiders without an offensive touchdown until the game was out of reach.
UltraDNS(TM) Corporation, the world's leading Managed DNS Service Provider, today announced that the Oakland Raiders (www.
95, for the Raiders fan who isn't scaring the neighborhood kids like he used to, and just in time for Halloween - which falls an additional eight times a year in Oakland - there is the Moss Mask.
The Raiders might have been a 3-point favorite, but the line includes consideration of the team's national fan base.
Trailing 17-14, the Raiders got a big boost when when linebacker Danny Clark stopped New England tailback Corey Dillon an inch shy of a first down on fourth-and-1 at the Raiders 31 with 6:37 left in the third quarter.