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Our inventions and patents cover not only the identification and marking of false alerts, but also, the sharing of radar alert information between detectors, an idea we brought to the market with the ESCORT Live(TM) social network.
F-Secure Corporation has released a Level-2 Radar alert on all these viruses, indicating that system administrators and end users should make sure their systems are protected.
The report shows that the air traffic controllers - a trainee and supervisor at the Tokyo Air Traffic Control Centre in Tokorozawa near Tokyo - were unaware of the potential disaster until radar alert signals showed that a collision was imminent.
SportVue(TM) Heads Up displays mount onto full-face helmets, giving the rider a constant real-time view of critical information, such as speed, rpm, gear position, and radar alert.
The basic primary radar alerts controllers that an aircraft is nearby.
Infegy's Social Radar Alerts provide brand marketers with a "hands-off" approach to staying on top of what is being said about their brand or any important topic across the social web.
Social Radar Alerts was developed in response to our enterprise customers' requests for comprehensive email alerts.
Soon, iRadar users will be able to share radar alerts with other iRadar users.
The patent-pending Intelliscope feature uses GPS technology to specify the direction of location-based alerts relative to your moving vehicle and Intelliview provides a "picture in picture" view so you can easily see radar alerts simultaneously with GPS locator based alerts.
The professionally-installed 3300 remote series provide Optional Real Voice and high visibility displays that communicate all text messages and safety radar alerts with superior clarity.