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The amount of money to be made under this racket is stupendous, and it is an open secret that many among our political elite, MNAs and MPAs, are either operating used car dealerships directly or through somebody known to them.
me selecting a suitable tennis racket has become much easier and simplified.
Police said this was the largest illegal banking racket to be busted in Shanghai in recent years.
I threw a racket on the ground and it slipped and almost hit the line umpire.
The Indian police have filed cases against six Sri Lankan doctors in relation to the kidney racket on the charge of conducting paid kidney transplants in violation of ethics.
The next thing I knew, there was a tennis racket flying through the air and it was heading right at me.
A party-list group representing migrant workers has urged President Aquino to fire Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Jose Angel Honrado for allowing the racket to thrive at the airport.
Even things like the aerodynamics, like getting the shape of the head of the racket thinner so it's travelling through the air quicker.
This point moved according to shot type and it could be described in terms of the impact point's effective mass and the velocities of the ball and racket interaction.
The LT12 racket was inspired by his belief that true victory was to remain elegant whatever the effort; it reinvented the traditional racket by combining wood and graphite for the first time.
With a design that merges wood and graphite, Lacoste's LT 12 tennis racket is now available in an edition of 650.
Participation in tennis increased when the Prince Racket and subsequent non-wood rackets appeared.