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The first consideration for any mock rub strategy should be which tree species to use.
There is one type of rub that practically guarantees buck action during the rut, and that's the community rub.
In my study, I located, measured, noted the species of trees and monitored the rubs with trail cameras (yes, the oldies that used 35mm film).
When an engine is running, many metal parts rub against one another, and they heat up much more than your hands do.
Something from '81 could rub off, as McCourt wishes.
When Blair is talking, Brown's tendency to rub his face, avert his eyes and nod make him look "sick" and shows how uncomfortable he is, he added.
The second is Sports Rub, a warm topical roll-on analgesic designed to soothe mild muscle aches and strains.
Alcohol-based hand rubs help reduce the time needed to decontaminate hands, particularly when a sink is not readily available.
NOTE: Do NOT rub the tape when sticking it onto the paper.
Residents should be offered a gentle massage or a back rub with daily care.
How-to: Rub a deep berry gel like Alchemy Complexion Gel in Black-currant ($17.