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Are the pricing parameters in the RFP likely to make the work not profitable?
RFP number DOL110RP20839: design-build services for extensive renovation on four buildings at the Bamberg Job Corps Center in Bamberg, SC.
If a third-party consultant is brought in to facilitate the RFP process, make sure it's a firm with expertise in nonqualified plans--and that you are using the consultant within that firm that specializes in nonqualified plans.
To help find the right agency, Knight created an RFP that included "good background, a situation analysis and a look at our company's future direction, as well as an invitation to do a one-hour presentation outlining a fully integrated campaign that matched the company's goals.
Construct open-ended RFP questions that give each vendor a chance to explain what makes its organization and services unique.
Appendices contain pre-written text for the administration section of an RFP as well as instructions to vendors for proposal preparation.
Both RFPs are part of the recent Arizona Corporation Commission-approved, and broadly supported rate settlement agreement signed by Arizona Public Service Co.
The successful respondent to the RFP will be responsible for developing both the independent living and assisted living units, and leasing/ sales, management and operation of the independent living units.
announced today a proprietary RFP (Request For Proposal) Technical Response Tool designed exclusively for solution providers who work within the public sector.
In a recent survey about RFPs, almost half of the treasury management respondents said their company planned to issue one RFP between 2004 and 2007; just over half said their company would issue two or more RFPs in those years; and 15 percent said their firms will do one RFP per year.
I have not seen an RFP from any agency during the last 15 years that did not have serious problems, errors or unfairness.