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R Square

In statistics, the percentage of a portfolio's performance explainable by the performance of a benchmark index. The R square is measured on a scale of 0 to 100, with a measurement of 100 indicating that the portfolio's performance is entirely determined by the benchmark index, perhaps by containing securities only from that index. A low R square indicates that there is no significant relationship between the portfolio and the index. An R Square is also called the coefficient of determination. See also: Beta.


R-squared is a statistical measurement that determines the proportion of a security's return, or the return on a specific portfolio of securities, that can be explained by variations in the stock market, as measured by a benchmark index.

For example, an r-squared of 0.08 shows that 80% of a security's return is the result of changes in the market -- specifically that 80% of its gains are due to market gains and 80% of its losses are due to market losses. The other 20% are the result of factors particular to the security itself.

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It comprises a customisable set of more than 60 equity derived data fields such as Average Daily Volume, Simple Moving Averages, Alpha, Beta, and R-squared.
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An R-squared score of 98 percent would suggest significant overlap with the benchmark, while a lower number would reflect more independence.
An R-squared value is the square of the correlation coefficient, which indicates the percentage of the movements in the independent variable that can be explained by the dependent variable.
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