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We were able to renegotiate terms with the company that supplied it and we have turned the situation to our advantage in reviewing all our costs and applying the three quote rule by enforcing guidelines which we did actually put in place a long time ago, but frankly lost sight of.
To quote rule 51 is nonsense - as far as I know it's never made the headlines and how can it be adhered to?
529-51] and Finucane [Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 31, 2000, 553-76] establish that the commonly-used quote rule, tick rule, and LR rule do not predict trade direction very well, sometimes classifying "buys" as "sells" and vice versa.
The Complaint alleges that defendants, in clear violation of and contrary to the Firm Quote Rule, materially misrepresented both (i) real time electronically displayed "bid" Equals and "ask" Equals quotes on listed equity options and (ii) that customer orders would be executed instantaneously when plaintiff (and other "Direct Access" Equals customers) accepted the bid or offer that was electronically displayed by the particular options specialist.
The poppy appeal doesn't feed into Fifa's coffers, so it's easy to quote rules to stop them appearing on the breasts of Wales and England players tomorrow.
In the past, I've even had administrators at my son's school quote rules to me, which, when I attempted to verify them, turned out to be nonexistent.