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The words outside the quotation marks refer to things, so we will simply call those words by the name "language.
Quotation marks are useful if you are looking for a specific document that contains a specific piece of text.
Two major features characterize this approach: The support is now unified, a perfectly smooth blank canvas (even if, as in the "Summer Rental" series of 1960, a horizontal black line alludes, trompe l'oeil style, to a seam), and the paint, applied in broad brushstrokes of often garish colors--a la third-generation AbEx--is no longer in quotation marks.
Such an approach acknowledges the realities of terror and takes Fisk's quotation marks away from the phrase "war on terror," yet permits progressives to set some of the terms of the debate, rather than continually playing catch-up with conservatives.
The quotation marks are appropriate--but let's go back to the root of the problem, using a simple fairy tale to illustrate a critical point.
Major daily newspapers across the country have used the term gay marriage without quotation marks in their news coverage, but one Arkansas paper decided that could amount to activism.
In the short section on the Middle East peace process--this appears between obligatory quotation marks to signal the authors' disapproval of non-force-based tactics--there is no mention of the burgeoning initiatives on both the political left and right in Israel and within the military to come up with new thinking.
I place quotation marks about the word because what Vidal offers is what may be better termed an "alternative history," a history refreshingly bereft of the mythologies and shibboleths about what many of us think was "true.
EXAMPLE: +anorexia - bulimia (NO space between the sign and the keyword) # Use double quotation marks (`` '') around phrases to ensure they are searched exactly as is, with the words side by side in the same order.
gt; Quotes: Putting quotation marks around a search phrase will often work magic.
Anyone who has ever struggled with choosing between "affect" and "effect" or debated whether to italicize a title or surround it with quotation marks will appreciate this easy-to-navigate reference tool.