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We've grown substantially since our formation in 2011, but we're not just about quick wins, we want to develop long-term relationships, such as these with fellow local companies, and beyond.
Those earmarked as elite sportspersons at a young age are under great pressure and we understand some of the challenges, especially those that resonate with the business world - often there are no quick wins and dedication is paramount to achieving your goals.
ANDRE VILLAS-BOAS has guided Spurs to three quick wins and suddenly talk of Champions League football is back on the agenda.
However, once an organisation has carried out these initial quick wins it is likely to need expert assistance in exploring new technologies and coming up with innovative methods to further reduce its carbon emissions.
The Quick Wins and Missed Opportunities report recommends they ensure that blind and partially sighted people are at the centre of any decision-making which affects them, keep a record of their preferred reading format and provide support for those newly diagnosed.
Manage the game, control the ball and not go for quick wins.
We want to be judged on how we deliver the programme over the five years of this government - not on a few quick wins in the early days.
For example optimizing procurement and efficient infrastructure management in the network and IT areas is known to provide quick wins of 10-20 per cent cost savings.
David Mace, regional senior director of GVA Grimley in Cardiff, said that while property decision-making appears low on the corporate radar, there are some quick wins to be had.
Two quick wins and the picture would look much brighter.
If he's looking for quick wins, Mr Murphy should apply further pressure on his Treasury colleague Mr Darling to cutVAT on home improvements, repair and maintenance as a way of boosting the sector.