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A sheet with a series of (usually multiple choice) questions on it. Participants are asked to answer the questions in order to provide information to the person or organization issuing the questionnaire. Questionnaires are frequently used in marketing to gauge interest in a product, campaign, price, or almost anything else.


a structured list of questions which is used to obtain information. It is frequently used in MARKETING RESEARCH to help identify consumers' needs and motivations and to gauge their reactions to present product offerings. Considerable care and skill needs to be exercised in the preparation, development and testing of questionnaires before they are used, and in interpreting the results obtained.

Questionnaires may be designed to take a highly structured form, involving detailed questions requiring simply yes/no answers or multiple choices, or ratings on a scale. Such questionnaires are generally used to elicit simple information and are often administered to large samples of potential respondents through the post. Alternatively, semi-structured questionnaires may be used, which are generally administered personally to smaller samples of potential respondents and give interviewees more flexibility in answering set questions and elaborating on their answers when responding to supplementary questions. For some purposes unstructured questionnaires may be used with small samples of respondents to provide brief guidelines to personal interviewers as to the main areas to be investigated in their discussions with respondents. Such questionnaires are often, used as part of a pilot survey as a basis for compiling a more structured questionnaire.

The confidence with which the results of a questionnaire can be used depends on the response rate, that is, the actual proportion of contacted consumers who complete and return a postal questionnaire or answer fully the personally conducted questionnaires. See MARKETING INTELLIGENCE.

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Information on risk and protective factors was collected through the Pride Survey Risk and Protective Factor Questionaire.
In 1963, the Italian magazine, Civilta delle Macchine (Machine Civilisation) sent out a questionaire internationally to 'questioning women who have attained the highest ranks in their profession', and published the respondents' contributions in the July/August 1963 issue.
More than 90 insurance companies who filled out a questionaire, expect that these factors concerning their strategic environment will be of paramount importance.
Selected for its program which integrates the "customer service principles" into the job of policing, Brighton's program includes the use of surveys, thank you notes and questionaire to improve the quality of service it provides.
The neglect of the Questionaire on Mental Imagery (QMI, Betts, 1909) is perhaps understandable in view of its length (150 items) and the fact that a shorter, yet psychometrically equivalent, version of this inventory is available (the Shortened Questionnaire on Mental Imagery, SQMI) (Sheehan, 1967).
His evidence is a 1991 study by the National Academy of Public Administration and the testimony of the respondents to his questionaire.
Follow-up of non-respondents consisted of another written request, including a duplicate questionaire and a telephone call approximately one month after the initial request.
Other highlights of the agency's Third Quarter survey, drawn from a questionaire sent to hundreds of local, national and international real estate companies headquartered in New York City, include the following: * 61 percent of the respondents predicted an upswing in the economy while only 14 percent felt no turnaround was likely.
Both groups filled out a lengthy questionaire detailing how often they consumed various foods; they provided a history of their supplement use as well as blood samples.
PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY telephoned nearly 400 plants around the country, selected at random by computer, and conducted 15-20 minute interviews based on a prepared questionaire.
It is important at this time to review the audit checklist and questionnaire, survey the plant in detail and then complete the questionaire.
Edwin Wang's descriptive statistics summarizing a questionaire sent to administrators of church employee-benefit plans was not, in my opinion, very useful information.