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Verizon said it expects strong customer growth and low Edge adoption rate this quarter to date to put some pressure on the wireless segment EBITDA service margin (non-GAAP) on a sequential basis.
But the pace in the second quarter to date has put the market back on track to match the activity in 1997.
Net sales decreased for the fiscal quarter to date to $62.
Product margins during the current quarter to date have increased over the first quarter last year, and the percentage of aged inventory has decreased versus the same period a year ago.
But the pace, in the second quarter to date, has put the market back on track to match the activity in 1997.
The strongest quarter to date in the important public sector market with 8 new public sector customers
Fourth quarter to date and year to date retail sales for the respective eight and forty seven week periods ended December 26, 1998, increased 5.
Proginet's momentum continues to be strong, with unprecedented demand for CFI borne out by the size and nature of the deals closed in the quarter to date," stated Kevin M.
However, as with many other parts of the Southeast and the country, numbers for the fourth quarter to date are down from the third quarter, and the foreclosure frenzy appears to be slowing.
Quarter to quarter filings are up almost 8%, too--7,449 fourth quarter to date vs.
Top Layer is pleased to have achieved a record-breaking third quarter with sales exceeding expectations and enabling us to have our most profitable quarter to date," said Peter Rendall, president and CEO of Top Layer Networks.
For the quarter to date, the company repurchased over 1.