quant fund

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Quant fund

A fund that uses quantitative approaches and computer models to make investment decisions as opposed to qualitative approaches like opinion of fund managers.

Quant Fund

A mutual fund managed by a computer program. Theoretically, a computer program can make investment decisions without emotion or bias; it simply buys and sells the securities according to a pre-determined formula. However, there is no guarantee as to how well designed a quant fund's program is, and it may not be able to adapt its program to changing market conditions. See also: Behavioral finance.

quant fund

A mutual fund having a stock portfolio that is managed according to decisions made by a computer model. The investment performance of a quant fund is only as good as the computer model that drives the fund's investment decisions.
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Summary: Quant funds use complex software to make buy/sell decisions.
The quantitative meltdown of August 2007 brought massive losses and correlation at the tails, changing the market for quant funds that had ruled as market king since the dot.
So if you'd like your funds managed by facts rather than feelings, you do have an option: Invest in quant funds.
The book is also a valuable reference for researchers and practitioners working in the areas of retail markets, quant funds, hedge funds, and time series.
We aim to outperform by comparing stocks to both regional and sector peers and by turning over the portfolio more actively than the majority of quant funds in this space.
Growth has been particularly strong among quant funds and prop trading desks seeking to bolster their trading infrastructure with a powerful end-to-end trading solution.
Armstrong serves on the board of trustees of the Quant Funds, a group of publicly traded mutual funds sponsored by U.
The data is culled from ideas sent by more than 4,300 professionals at 350 institutional brokerage firms to their clients at approximately 150 hedge and quant funds and more traditional investment managers.
Caruso is a trustee of Quant Funds, and is past-president of the National Association of Corporate Directors -- New England Chapter.
This represents another milestone for the development of the global network that facilitates the development and distribution of equity trading ideas from institutional brokerage firms to their clients, including hedge and quant funds, and traditional investment managers.
Participating in all three conferences are Matthew Lovatt, chief executive, Quaestor Investment Management, who will discuss "The Latest Developments in Equity Market Neutral Quant Funds," and Eoin Murray, senior portfolio manager, First Quadrant Ltd.
The TIM is used by more than 300 institutional brokerage firms to send trading ideas on stocks and ETFs to more than 100 hedge and quant funds and long-only managers.