quality assurance

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Quality Assurance

The processes a company or organization uses to make sure its products do what they are supposed to do. There are two primary aspects of quality assurance. The first ensures that a product functions. That is, if a product is supposed to cut watermelons, quality assurance operatives see to it that it is designed in such a way that it actually cuts watermelons. The second works to eliminates mistakes so the products are created as they are designed. Quality assurance may be conducted in almost any industry. See also: Quality, Quality control.

quality assurance

an overall organizational commitment to the detection and prevention of QUALITY problems in order to maintain specified levels of product quality. Quality assurance involves managers and employees from all functional areas (production, marketing, purchasing etc.) in collaborating to design and produce more reliable goods or services (‘quality assurance groups’). In addition, small groups of supervisors and employees within each functional area may be formed to identify and solve quality problems (QUALITY CIRCLES). See TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT, QUALITY CONTROL.
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We surely achieved the objectives of learning application of quality assessment concepts to improve internal audit effectiveness and efficiency.
The workshop comprises of nine sessions covering various aspects of water quantity and quality assessment and followed by the field visits of National Water Quality laboratory of PCRWR and CDA filtration plants.
In addition to providing a "report card" that identifies an organization's data quality problems in such key areas as integrity of data formats, accuracy of name and address data, and uniqueness of customer records, Innovative's expanded Data Quality Assessment quantifies the impact of faulty data conditions, with input from subject matter experts at the organization, in terms of costs, customer service, and lost revenue.
This issue of Library Trends concludes with the contribution of John Carlo Bertot of Florida State University and an examination of the challenges of service quality assessment in a networked environment.
The tools an organization chooses to perform quality assessment will be an important factor in its ability to demonstrate such value.
The quality assessment goes beyond it because it also deals with estimates, disclosures and judgments about existing practices.
Developing perception-based quality assessment test and measurement tools, QoE Systems, today unveiled its Q-Master[TM] HD Video quality analyzer.
Contract notice: External quality assessment (EQA) schemes for supporting the surveillance of Legionnaires~ disease at a European level
A better quality assessment of what every student l;earns, including special education and English language learners, is what new multi-state assessment tests are all about.
Some good news and bad news on nursing homes' quality assessment and assurance (QA) practices from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the Department of Health and Human Services.
Instead of bringing findings to the Infection Control Committee, a quarterly report is made to the Medical Quality Assessment Committee for dissemination to the medical staff.
As a consequence, new speech coding, new enhancement and error concealment, and new quality assessment methods are emerging.

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