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They called for an asset quality review to identify any potential capital need.
The central bankas governing council has also concluded that the capital adequacy of each bank after potential adjustments from the asset quality review remains above the minimum regulatory requirements, Radev said.
Manage the project more efficiently with fully automated Language Quality Review
The asset quality review and the stress tests were carried out as part of a comprehensive assessment of RCB BANK LTD along with 130 European banks categorised as significant credit institutions prior to transfer under the direct supervision of the ECB through the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM).
The ECB's comprehensive assessment is comprised of a thorough asset quality review.
The process includes a prudential assessment of exposure and asset quality review of these banks, along with stress tests conducted in cooperation with the European Banking Authority (EBA).
The asset quality reviews will be performed at the asset fair value.
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has taken steps to respond to GAO's 2002 recommendations to correct weaknesses in the methods for selecting decisions by the Board of Veterans' Appeals (Board) for quality review and calculating the accuracy rates reported by the Board.
The results of this quality review process are captured on a database that can be accessed by all persons associated with measuring quality.
The Turning Points accountability process has two major components: the Annual Assessment and the School Quality Review (SQR).
The Quality Review Board (see last paragraph), which involves just about all the decision makers in the project, is probably the best way I've seen to manage a building project.
Prior to his promotion, he was asset quality review chairman.
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