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The amount required to repay a loan, including interest and fees.


The reception of compensation for a good or service. For example, if one sells a hairdryer for $10, the payment is $10. In a cash sale, payment is made immediately or almost immediately, while in a credit sale, payment may be delayed for a certain period of time.


Funds given to another in exchange for goods or services or as reimbursement for money loaned.A mortgage payment may consist of interest only;it could be a combination of principal and interest; or it could also include sums for real estate taxes, property insurance, and/or private mortgage insurance. In order to use Microsoft Excel to calculate your monthly principal and interest payment for a mortgage, do the following:

1. In cell A1, place the annual interest rate.

2. In cell A2, place the number of months of the loan to fully amortize it.

3. In cell A3, place the principal amount of the loan.

4. In cell A4, write the following formula exactly: pmt(A1/12,A2,A3)

5. Cell A4 will calculate your monthly payment.

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This involves assessment of the individual's medical history and life expectancy, which may result in higher annuity payments or lower purchase payments than would ordinarily be available.
PA(r)]], then r [is less than] r' because the purchase payment is reduced by more (5) to (7) than the purchase amount is reduced.
Cash Refund joins other Symetra income annuity beneficiary payment options such as Installment Refund, which pays beneficiaries in installments and guarantees the total annuity payout will not be less than the purchase payment.
Guaranteeda Values: Each purchase payment you make generates a specific amount of guaranteeda income.
Contract awarded for incheon link road to home-10000000000000000 people garodeungju other 12 kinds of electrical construction materials purchase payment requests (unmanned traffic monitoring device)
NYSE:SLF, TSX:SLF) today announced an enhanced purchase payment interest rate for its Masters[R] Extra Variable Annuity (VA) product.
Instead, the holders' purchase payment obligations will be satisfied from the proceeds generated by the completion on May 21, 2012, of the successful remarketing of the NextEra Energy Capital Holdings, Inc.
After the first year, investors may withdraw up to 15% of their total purchase payments annually without any surrender charges.
The bonds are special, limited revenue obligations of the corporation, payable soley from purchase payments by the City of Yuma (the city), Arizona to the corporation.
Unlike other fixed index annuities on the market, the Total Value Annuity offers protection for both purchase payments and previous gains, as well as the opportunity for income growth even when the stock and bond markets decline simultaneously.
The GMIB value is equal to purchase payments made during the first two contract years adjusted for any withdrawals and increased by a compound annual interest rate of five or six percent for Guaranteed Income Plus 5 and 6, respectively.
is pleased to announce that the final payments have been completed on two, previously announced, acquisitions in Brazil and the Company now has no outstanding purchase payments to be made on any of its properties obtained over the last several years.