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public sector


government sector

that part of the economy concerned with the transactions of the government. Government receives income from TAXATION and other receipts and influences the workings of the economy through its own spending and investment decisions ( GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE) and through its control (via MONETARY POLICY and FISCAL POLICY) of the spending and investment decisions of other sectors of the economy. The public sector together with the PERSONAL SECTOR, FINANCIAL SECTOR, CORPORATE SECTOR and FOREIGN SECTOR make up the national economy. See CIRCULAR FLOW OF NATIONAL INCOME MODEL.

public sector

That portion of the economy consisting of the government and corporations owned by the government. Contrast with private sector.

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But the public-sector committee needed to support this claim.
In-depth coverage of public-sector constraints, including purchasing systems, legal mandates, political and media oversight, and complex rules and processes
Specific strategies to enhance the management capability of public-sector managers and private-sector project managers working under government contracts
Emphasis on the role of planning in managing customer, manager, and project team expectations, and coping with the overlapping systems of constraints that impede public-sector projects
Tools for managing the complexity inherent in most public-sector projects
Our public-sector customers have a need to keep pace with the latest technologies to deliver the kinds of services required to manage and maintain the infrastructure of our society," said Rick Neal, vice president and director of the Motorola Public Sector Solutions Business Unit.
For more information on Motorola public-sector solutions, please visit the business unit's Web site at http://www.
Our public-sector business unit is focused on empowering agencies to rapidly leverage their existing investments in industrial-strength legacy applications to improve operational efficiency and service to the citizen.
Jacada's decision to establish a dedicated public-sector business unit could not be more timely.
HostLogic will use the industry software templates that CCAi has developed for City and County Management, Public Works, and Public Facilities Management, to develop additional public-sector solutions for its LogicSuite(TM).
Our partnership means that an entire range of customers will soon have access to a complete, prepackaged public-sector product built from our years of experience with SAP.
Jacada Innovator will enable HTE to deliver the most competitive set of browser-enabled public-sector applications on the market, while leveraging their existing talent pool and experience.

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