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public sector


government sector

that part of the economy concerned with the transactions of the government. Government receives income from TAXATION and other receipts and influences the workings of the economy through its own spending and investment decisions ( GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE) and through its control (via MONETARY POLICY and FISCAL POLICY) of the spending and investment decisions of other sectors of the economy. The public sector together with the PERSONAL SECTOR, FINANCIAL SECTOR, CORPORATE SECTOR and FOREIGN SECTOR make up the national economy. See CIRCULAR FLOW OF NATIONAL INCOME MODEL.

public sector

That portion of the economy consisting of the government and corporations owned by the government. Contrast with private sector.

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IFAC had issued the world's first authoritative independent public-sector financial reporting standards in May.
These principles are as relevant to all public-sector entities as they are to [their private-sector counterparts]," the study said.
The book describes both the obstacles and basic processes of public-sector project management and examines the differences between public-sector and private-sector projects, including the management of the wide array of public-sector stakeholders.
In issuing its first group of public-sector standards, IFAC simplified the task by basing them on the IASC's private-sector standards.
The combination of Suncoast's information management capabilities and Motorola's systems-integration and advanced communications technologies will provide our customers in public-sector market with the competitive advantage of end-to-end enterprise management.
Our public-sector business unit is focused on empowering agencies to rapidly leverage their existing investments in industrial-strength legacy applications to improve operational efficiency and service to the citizen.
Our partnership opens a new window for public-sector organizations in search of a powerful enterprise software solution, delivered and managed over the Internet and specifically designed to meet the needs of their industry," said Herbert P.
The HTE Enterprise Suite of more than 50 applications provides the broadest and most integrated set of functionality available in the public-sector market.
HTE is already the dominant public-sector software provider throughout the Caribbean," said Bill Barnett, HTE Director of the Integrated Solutions Division.
The features and functions of HTE software applications are designed to meet the specific needs of public-sector entities and utilities.
Nasdaq:HTEI), an industry leading enterprise-wide software solutions provider serving public-sector organizations and utilities, announced today it has established the architecture for the Internet gateway that will link HTE's public-sector software applications to the internet.
The new office will allow Commerce One to better serve public-sector customers and partners through a local sales and marketing presence.

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