public limited company

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Public Limited Company

A primarily British term for a publicly-traded company. The term derives from the facts that the company issues shares that may be bought and sold by the general public and all shareholders have limited liability.

public limited company (Plc)

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Time series analysis revealed that Public Limited Companies were high paymasters prior to the announcement of economic reforms.
In 1981-82 average wage was highest in Public Limited companies and lowest in Individual Proprietor units.
Public Limited Companies recorded a decline in real wages during 1991-01and 2001-06.
During 1981-91, wage disparities had declined in Individual Proprietorship units, Partnership firms, Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies.
Much of his experience in the last 10 years has involved bringing newly acquired previously owner-managed companies up to the higher level of business reporting standards required of public limited companies.
In 1998 German public limited companies were obliged to establish a monitoring system for early recognition of developments that might endanger the company as a going concern.
This report was updated on January 2005 and provides in-depth analysis of public limited companies operating in the cement sector of Pakistan.
They mainly are LLCs that are publicly traded, such as British public limited companies and German Aktiengesellschafts.
In connection with the mandatory offer Scribona's board of directors today also resolved to initiate a compulsory acquisition of the shares owned by the other PC LAN shareholders according to the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act, ss.
Abbey National plc, which last year celebrated its 150th anniversary, is one of the largest public limited companies in the UK with 16 million customers and assets approaching $400 billion (U.

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