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Public Domain

The arena of any work that may not be owned by any individual. Any person may distribute or profit from a work in the public domain. For example, because William Shakespeare has been dead for several centuries, anyone may publish and sell copies of his plays without permission from anyone. How long it takes for a work to enter the public domain depends on the laws in force in the jurisdiction where the work originated.

public domain

(1) Land belonging to the government and not reserved for a specific use. (2) Things belonging to all persons to share, use, and enjoy, such as music and literature for which the copyrights have expired or ideas that are freely exchanged in the public domain.

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Many of the larger public domain software and shareware supplier companies produce catalogs that devote a paragraph of description to each program.
Public domain software and shareware supplier companies also serve a useful purpose when it comes to registering shareware programs that have been produced outside the United Kingdom.
There is a vast range of public domain software and shareware available to perform a large number of tasks (including pure entertainment).
A lot of work has been put into developing the various versions of the program, and this has also helped to give the progam a vitality that I suspect is not at all common to public domain software, given the lack of financial reward.
Once on-line, users can, for example, peruse the WorldWide Web, review government-compiled demographic information to find potential customers, scan breaking news, download public domain software or join a forum discussion.
Now both the corporate user and the consumer can benefit from the robustness of Explore OnNet, and the wide range of support and services lacking in public domain software.

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