Public Securities Association

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Public Securities Association(PSA)

The trade association for primary dealers in US government securities, including MBSs. In 1997, they became known as the Bond Market Association.

Security Industry and Financial Markets Association

Formerly known as the Public Securities Association, a professional organization for banks, broker-dealers, and other organizations that underwrite securities. It serves as a lobbying group and provides education and training to members and non-members. It maintains offices in New York, Washington DC, and London, with affiliated offices in Hong Kong and other locations.

Public Securities Association

A trade group of banks, brokers, and dealers engaged in underwriting and trading federal, state, and local government securities.
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He is a past board member of the California Public Securities Association, and chairs the Board of Directors of the PUENTE Learning Center in East Los Angeles.
Dougherty was the Chairman of the Public Securities Association in 1991 and 1992, and he previously served on the board of directors of Countrywide Financial Corporation and Definity Health Corporation.
Director Lauren Post Wins a SMITH'S 2007 All-Star Award; Managing Director Jim Cervantes Completes Three-Year Post As Chair of California Public Securities Association (Cal PSA)
Today he serves on Stone & Youngberg's Board of Directors and is chair of the California Public Securities Association.
Heaney is a former Chairman of the California Public Securities Association, and is on the Board of Trustees for the California City Management Foundation.
A resident of Mill Valley, Holt has served as a board member of the California Public Securities Association and treasurer of The Municipal Bond Club of San Francisco.

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