competitive bidding

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Competitive bidding

A securities offering process in which securities firms submit competing bids to the issuer for the securities the issuer wishes to sell.

Competitive Bid

A sealed bid, given to an issuer by an underwriter, containing a prospective price and terms for a contract. At the close date of bidding, the issuer picks the best offer. U.S. Government agencies are usually required to use this process and award the contract to the least expensive option. This is also used for various other ventures, from IPOs to project finance.

competitive bidding

1. A method by which a corporation or government organization wishing to sell securities in the primary market chooses an investment banker for the sale on the basis of the best price submitted by interested investment bankers. Municipal governments and public utilities are often required to ask for competitive bids on new security issues. See also negotiated offering.
2. The bidding on U.S. Treasury securities in which an investor stipulates a particular price or yield.
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In that case, PLF is asking the state high court to uphold a Court of Appeal ruling from last year that said San Jose's quota and "outreach" program for awarding public contracts violated Proposition 209.
Part 2 of a public contract - the enforcement of technical and safety oversight of 12 parts water II.
The subject of the public contract is the elaboration of project documentation at the level defined for the individual parts of the contract, to which the public is divided, including the exercise of the author supervision during the implementation of the construction.
c) the subject of a public contract relates to the need sponsor of ensuring the availability of selected social services in accordance with a network of social services KrEilove region;
Part 2 of a public contract To ensure compliance with the obligations arising from the candidate~s tender security is required in the amount of 240 000 CZK.
1 million CZK, given if the candidate bid for the second Part of a public contract.
Deposits and Guarantees required: To ensure the supplier~s obligations arising from its participation in the tender procedure will be required certainty for Part 1 of a public contract of 100 000 CZK.
Tender documents available from Public Contracts Scotland.
The Welsh Government confirmed it was aware a claim had been lodged claiming it had breached public contracts regulations, but declined to comment further.
Advertising tenders available through Public Contracts Scotland has opened the door to new opportunities and has already given Scottish businesses.
THE government has been urged to ease tendering processes on public contracts for small firms in the wake of the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) price-fixing probe.
Now under scrutiny, a city initiative aimed at helping minority- and women-owned construction contractors continues to thrive at divvying up public contracts more equitably'.

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