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Property Line

A set line denoting the extremities of a property. Property lines are set by a government or the original owner. An owner of property sometimes may subdivide and sell pieces, thereby creating new lines within his/her old property.

property line

The boundary line between two properties.
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It's a naturally contentious issue because you are talking about children and people's property lines,'' he said.
From 1970 through 1990, Mariner participated in the writing of casualty and property lines of reinsurance through London brokers and companies.
However, just over one-quarter of the company's business is in property lines, which we expect to enjoy the biggest price increases.
Looking at the renewals coming up, the lines we think have good rate adequacy are most, if not all, of the property lines, given price increases and recent low catastrophe years.
In response to questions from group members, Miller also said the DTSC would ``follow the waste wherever it goes,'' even if the contamination crosses property lines.
The Company's flagship product, the "High Proformance Policy," contains comprehensive coverage for private passenger automobile, homeowners, personal excess ("umbrella") liability and personal specialty property lines insurance covering jewelry, furs, fine arts, cameras, electronic data process equipment, boats, yachts and other high value items.
The general pattern of low average increases in liability costs and flat increases in the property lines are repeated in the individual lines.
It's going to open up trails and vistas to people who have not been able to gather there because of property lines.
Separately, Allstate Insurance Company is filing a plan with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation ("OIR") to gradually discontinue its Florida commercial property lines of business and will be providing notice to approximately 16,000 affected policyholders.
Gladden said that since the property lines in the rugged foothill area tend to blur because of the way they were recorded as people were buying and selling decades ago, it was difficult to get a handle on exactly who owned the land.
This has led to pre-tax returns on revenue and equity that compare favorably to the property lines industry composite.
The action brings the two-year debate over property lines on the western edge of the golf course a step closer to an amicable end.

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