promissory note

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Promissory note

Written pledge to pay.

Promissory Note

A written promise made by one party to make a stated payment in full by a certain date. A promissory note is a binding, legal contract.

promissory note

See note.

promissory note

A binding contract—promise—to pay a definite sum of money to someone upon specified terms and conditions.

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PROMISSORY NOTESThe Attorney-General's opinion was that each promissory note constituted an unconditional promise from the government of Kenya to pay on demand the sum stated in the notes.
A promissory note must include the following information according to Article 688 of Turkish Commercial Code: 1.
The proceeds will be used to fund already unveiled acquisitions and to cover existing corporate loans and promissory notes maturing in 2012.
The interest rates on Bankinter's two-month and six-month promissory notes are 3.
The fact that in the CIP records appear more than 500 companies from Romania which have generated major incidents of payment regarding to the bills of exchange, and for some companies, the CIP's records include many pages, with dozen or even hundreds of incidents, plus the fact that only a company refused to pay in the last six months promissory notes in total value worth one million euro represents a "proof that there is no confidence in using these tools.
In reversing the appellate court's ruling, the Supreme Court ruled promissory notes issued by the Cooperative were "securities.
In addition, it is strongly advised that the signatory of the promissory note be the authorized representative of the debtor who has the power to bind and represent the company with respect to issuing promissory notes on its behalf.
Baker & McKenzie advised SEB AG on its first real estate-secured promissory note loan in Germany whereby the firm acted as arranger, agent, lender as well as security trustee.
The promissory notes will come with a maximum yield of 4% depending on their maturity, which ranges between three and 18 months.
The court was unmoved, noting that the buyers did not gratuitously surrender the purchase option, but required in return a cut in the interest rate from 8% to 6% on their various promissory notes.
Fourteen employees staffed the records maintenance department, and students waited in long lines to sign promissory notes.