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Brand Extension

The act or practice of adding a new product under the same brand name. This allows a company to introduce a new product without having to build up a whole new customer base for it. For example, when Jimmy Dean introduces a new flavor of sausage, it may put the Jimmy Dean name and logo on the wrapping. This is intended to encourage people who like other Jimmy Dean sausages to view the new flavor favorably and be more inclined to buy it.

brand extension


brand transference

the use of an existing BRAND for new or modified products. Where the new product is in a significantly different category this is called ‘brand stretching’. Brand extension seeks to capitalize on consumer awareness of and loyalty towards a firm's established brands in order to gain rapid consumer approval and acceptance of the new or modified product.

Where a modified product simply serves another segment of the same market the term brand extension is generally used (see MARKET SEGMENTATION). The term brand transference is used where an established brand name is associated with a new product serving a different market. For instance, the manufacturer of a well-known vacuum cleaner might use that brand name to launch a new product in some other market, for example washing machines. See PRODUCT POSITIONING.

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Members of the Autodesk VIP subscription program-a service that provides customers with quick-and-easy access to the latest Autodesk software, tools, and information-can download the XML/Data Extension and each new Autodesk Product Extension free of charge at www.
The delivery of the LDDT sX marks the third Autodesk product extension for users of AutoCAD 2000-based products.
Uniloc's device locking technology will be available as a separate CodeArmor product extension in early December.
PLANO, Texas -- Terion, the leading provider of trailer fleet management systems, has announced the launch of FleetView 3C -- a product extension designed specifically for managing domestic intermodal containers.
SmartForms, a product extension to the newest version of Fair Isaac's industry-leading rules management system, is designed to help users create customized, interactive web-based forms that deliver more accurate data and speed decision-making processes in customer-facing applications.
This report provides a detailed analysis of the global market for hormonal contraceptives and infertility drugs highlighting strategies for product extension and reformulation, sales forecasts to 2012 for leading products, and impact of late-stage pipeline drugs on the market.
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Product extension via a focus on a pharmacogenomic outcome is attractive--specifically for large pharmaceutical companies.
The World Market for Sexual Disorders, 2005-2012 - Traversing New Frontiers in Sexual Chemistry", written by Spectra Intelligence, provides a detailed analysis of the sexual disorders therapy area to include insights for product extension and reformulation, sales forecasts to 2012, and impact of late-stage pipeline drugs on the market.
e2b software provides e2b 500 supply chain product extensions and Anytime Collect credit and collections software for Sage ERP MAS 500.
The newcomers, Early Grey Green Tea and a Green Tea Selection pack, are the first product extensions since the Twinings green range was launched three years ago.
Bradley will be responsible for expanding marketing opportunities in bath and other product extensions, as well as brands My Room Too and www.

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