Probability function

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Probability function

A measure that assigns a likelihood of occurrence to each and every possible outcome.

Probability Function

In statistics, a measure of the probable distribution of some random variable. When plotted on a chart, the area under the graph represents the probable values of the random variable. It is used in foreign exchange and equities as a means of assessing probable future market trends.
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Definition 1: Extraction function for extracting focal elements from the the pignistic probability functions of single focal elements.
A], which varies depending on the defined probability function.
While working with finite samples, the probability function is discrete.
In conclusion, the estimation of the probability functions revealed that there are some costs incurred from choosing more offensive strategies.
These two probability functions are shown in Figure 2, with o corresponding to (r, s) = (1, 2).
Mass probability functions for a discrete and skew-distributed random variable for which [p.
Numeric approaches for finding the trapping probability function are presented in the "Solving the Integral Equation" section.
s conjecture (1973) whereby the probability functions can only be derived from other probability functions.
Statistical modeling of probabilistic parameters of hummocks (taking into account with their actual probability functions of distribution) was carried out by Monte-Carlo method in according to author's specified algorithm and a computer program.

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