Private market value

Private market value (PMV)

The break-up market value of all divisions of a company if divisions were each independent and established their own market stock prices.

Breakup Value

The value of a division in a company if that division were its own independent company. Companies considering taking over another use the breakup value, among other metrics, to determine whether a takeover is worth the time and expense. It is also called the private market value.
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equities, utilizing Gabelli's fundamental, bottom up Private Market Value with a Catalyst investment approach.
companies applying Gabelli's proven fundamental bottom up Private Market Value with a Catalyst(TM) approach.
This rapidly expanding market now accounts for 6% of the total number of private clubs, 6% of the private market value and an impressive 14% of the private sector membership.
GAMCO Investors said that its advisory subsidiary, Gabelli Funds is launching the GAMCO International SICAV - GAMCO Strategic Value - fund to provide investors outside the US with direct access to GAMCO's proprietary Private Market Value with a Catalyst stock selection process and global equity research team.
Forbes said it ranked athletes based on endorsement income relative to peers in their sport; businesses based on the amount of an enterprise s private market value attributable to its name; teams based on the portion of their overall value not a result of market demographics and league; and events based on revenue generated per day of competition.
Ariel Capital's founder, chairman, and CEO, and John Hiller, a senior vice president of Ariel's portfolio management team, look at stocks, one critical number is the discount to private market value.
This assumption implies that the public market price (Pm) reflects the private market value of the firm prior to the offering (Vo,d,) and the new paid-in capital ([S.
I've gone through a myriad of different calculations to determine the private market value of Dillard's; without going into detail on the calculations, suffice it to say the private value of Dillard's far exceeds the public market value," he said.
AN INVESTOR WHO IS WILLING TO follow the value school of investing should consider eight factors in selecting securities (or mutual funds), including price-to-earnings ratio, price-to-cash flow ratio, price-to-book value ratio, dividend yield, private market value, adjusted net working capital, insider buying and stock repurchases.
The equity (public) market is putting a valuation on these companies via their stock price that is far below the private market value.
In the last few years, we've seen a massive shift away from valuing a stock using the private market value back to valuing it using traditional methods--earnings, dividends, and their growth rates.

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