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Far more often than not, the employer prevails, regardless of a hypothetical privacy right that might be asserted against some outside party.
The NCES' feasibility study determined that while the newly proposed database would be feasible, issues such as infringing upon student privacy rights, and the additional costs and burdens to institutions and to the federal government to implement the program, could keep the system from being a worthwhile endeavor.
Develop and post a notice of the organizations privacy practices and patient's privacy rights.
the] privacy rights of minors legally belong to their parents or guardians" (Remley & Herlihy, 2001, p.
Requiring providers to inform patients of their privacy rights
As the United States considers appropriate responses to the terrorists' acts of war, it is important not to let the fear factor cloud the American mind, to base our decisions on deliberation and respect for the Constitution and privacy rights.
That is true at both the state and federal levels, says Beth Givens, director of the California-focused Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in San Diego.
It includes explanatory and full-text treatment of the state and federal laws that are "reshaping financial privacy rights," CCH said.
The justices heard oral arguments in early December, and now need to hash out whether a free press can trump privacy rights.
Ordinarily, you can consent to waive some of your rights, but there is a question, I suppose, as to whether a surrogate can consent to waive the privacy rights of an incompetent person--whether Mrs.
Permission marketing," he says, "is a highly effective tool for insuring the privacy rights of consumers your company profiles.
Consistent with the overall concern for confidentiality, the bill provides that the Secretary's primary concern in preparing the reports shall be to protect the identity and privacy rights of the taxpayer.