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Used in the context of general equities. As a verb execute a trade, evidenced by its printing on the ticker tape. As a noun, a trade.


1. Informal; to execute an order by making a trade.

2. Informal; a trade.

In both cases, the term is most applicable when the trade appears on a ticker tape or is otherwise publicly recorded.


The appearance of securities transactions on the composite tape.
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The portraits here are digital print-outs and each of them is different.
One page, which contains details of a named woman's previous convictions, reads: "This print-out is produced for the use of the court, defence and probation service only and must not be disclosed to any other party.
MOVES to charge mums-to-be more for scan print-outs of their unborn babies have been criticised by a parenting group.
Therefore, Design Plus goes beyond computer print-outs.
RUUD van Nistelrooy is producing the computer print-outs that tell Sir Alex Ferguson he will play in the Champions League first leg clash with AC Milan next month.
Even if a person makes a photocopy of documents bearing such patterns by using non-Ricoh copiers, the resultant print-outs will be garbled because hitherto-masked characters reading ''Duplication Unauthorized'' will suddenly appear on the surface of copies, the company said.
They were typed on a postcard, which I had to provide, stamped and self addressed -unlike today's foolscap envelopes enclosing manicured computer print-outs.
Since they couldn't be here to sign the banners, we ironed on the e-mail print-outs and photos they sent.
She passed on these details in the form of computer print-outs to Joseph Lamb who recruited friends to pose as customers and made telephone requests to transfer cash into their bank accounts, defrauding the bank of pounds 216,000.
The result is a stack of print-outs that Theis described as "four to five feet high" that department employees were having to read through in order to redact any information that might identify an individual taxpayer.
Computer print-outs will eventually supplant penned prescriptions, instructions and notes altogether.
The system memorises up to 99 samplings with print-outs available.