primary trend

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Primary trend

General movement in price data that lasts 4 to 4 1/2 years.

Primary Trend

An overarching, long-term trend for a security. Generally, a primary trend refers to a trend over a period of four years or so. A primary trend may be bullish or bearish, and, in market analysis, it takes precedence over opposite, short-term trends that occur periodically. For example, a security may climb 15% in annualized terms from 2000 through 2003; if the security dropped 3% in 2002, this does not change the primary, upward trend.

primary trend

The main direction in which security prices are moving. An upward primary trend is a bull market while a downward primary trend is a bear market. See also secondary trend.
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Synopsis of Primary Trends Shaping Construction Industry III-8
The primary trends in the PVC pipes market include popularity of CPVC pipes as they have many beneficial properties and find higher application in both industrial and household uses.
Increasing medical and pharmacy costs, erosion of legislative reforms and waning effectiveness of cost containment strategies are the primary trends driving the changes in the marketplace.
One of the primary trends driving the increase in educational attainment nationwide is the phasing in of more educated cohorts.
Ilene Gordon, president of Alcan Packaging Food Americas (Booth # E-8605) cites improved barrier films as one of the primary trends in flexible packaging.
Both constitute primary trends in this volatile business.
For example, according to the editors of Research Alert and Future Vision, five primary trends are reshaping America: 1.
The study details two primary trends, says Berke, starting with a rising call for transparency from their brokers.
Native advertising is one of the primary trends in digital advertising, yet a significant pain point for publishers seeking to deploy native ads in a way that is easy to scale across various content management systems as well as mobile and desktop devices.
There are exceptions to the primary trends of the current period as Japan and Switzerland appear to be using monetary policy to make their currencies more competitive," said Federico Garcia Zamora, senior currency strategist for Standish and co-author of the report.
The report includes a look at the Asia Pacific regions bottled water industry and the unique position Indonesia holds within the region, while it also examines the primary trends - such as food accountability, a growing middle class and increased industry investment - that are affecting growth in the country.