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Besides, the markets watchdog is expected to apprise its board about its probe into circulation of unpublished price sensitive information about various listed companies through WhatsApp messages and other private social media groups.
The ECB said, 'Online depositors can exhibit price sensitive behaviours, being more likely to withdraw their deposits and switch to a competitor paying higher interest rates.
In case of connected persons the onus of establishing, that they were not in possession of unpublished price sensitive information should be on such connected persons," said Sebi.
Sebi has proposed a detailed set of norms for listed companies that require them to disclose price sensitive information within a day along with the reasons for such developments.
Accordingly, transaction documents should determine what information relating to the portfolio of securitised assets may be price-sensitive, who will be responsible for assessing and disclosing price sensitive information (whether that be the issuing Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) or a third party) and where and when post issuance reports can be obtained.
But while European buyers are more than willing to pay a premium for the performance advantage conferred by the lighter material, North America traditionally has been a more price sensitive market.
Lifestyle growers are often less price sensitive than the larger farms.
The Financial Services Authority has written to all nine listed clubs, including Sunderland, reminding them price sensitive information should be released without delay to the Stock Exchange before it is released elsewhere.
This sector is not any more price sensitive than any of the other [markets]," he said.
Ford has poured billions of dollars into developing sophisticated engines, transmissions and suspensions that are costly to manufacture, only to find that it is introducing them when consumers are especially price sensitive.
Product Pricing extremely important in price sensitive demand regions