price gap

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Price gap

A term used when the price of a stock rockets or dives in a direction away from its last price range, such as a stock with a trading range of $10-$12 that closes at $12 and climbs to $14 the next day.

Price Gap

In technical analysis, a break on a chart representing a sudden and large price movement accompanied by high trading volume. Generally speaking, charts do not show price gaps because price movements, even when large, occur smoothly enough to not require a break in the chart. Price gaps may occur, for example, when the price of a security suddenly doubles or halves. As with many charting terms, it may be bullish or bearish; a sudden movement upward is a bullish price gap, while a sudden movement downward is bearish. It is also called a breakaway gap.

price gap

See gap.
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Small suppliers have some of the biggest price gaps.
Smuggling of fuel, including diesel, petrol and other products, is frequent across borders where different levels of fuel subsidies create price gaps that criminals can exploit.
Canadian consumers naturally wonder how the same goods can exhibit such large price gaps across countries despite small distances and a relatively open border.
Second, we construct the district house price gap by weighting the state house price gaps by population shares based on county level data.
Among those formations are price gaps, key reversal days, and percentage retracements.
We believe narrowing price gaps between the two segments should result in two important changes--less trading down as the focal point shifts away from sub-premium pricing, and Improving margins on sub-premium brands.
People moving to new homes in the older housing areas will be eligible for up to pounds 15,000 to bridge price gaps to buy a new home.
At this time, the situation is reversed, with wide credit and house price gaps and low and largely negative investment and equity price gaps.
During my retail career with Safeway Stores, we spent substantial dollars with consulting companies to determine the minimum price gaps we needed to maintain between store brands and national brand competitors.
Rules on car distribution were changed to open up competition between dealers in different countries to narrow price gaps.
Today, the Brussels Commission warned yet again that the future of the special deal which allows manufacturers to operate exclusive dealership and distribution networks is in doubt unless unjustifiable price gaps are closed.