price change

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Price change

Increase or decrease in the closing price of a security compared to the previous day's closing price.

Price Change

The difference between the closing price on a trading day and the closing price on the previous trading day. The price change may be positive or negative. For example, if a stock closes at $11 on Tuesday and $12 on Wednesday, it has a price change of +$1. On the other hand, if the stock falls to $10 on Thursday, it has a price change of -$2 with respect to Wednesday. Price change is also called net change. See also: Technical Analysis.

price change

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has decided to effect the following price changes w.
But that was a tedious task and many stores made price changes only once day.
This imprecision happens for two reasons: Not all price changes stem from inflation; some instead reflect an emerging scarcity or abundance of particular goods.
PriceAdvantage SMART Fuel Pricing (TM) allows fuel retailers to collect competitive data, determine optimized fuel pricing and automate fuel price changes from headquarters to the street with price change confirmation feedback, creating a streamlined closed loop fuel pricing process.
A PROPERTY website has launched a new facility to allow users to track price changes as they happen.
First, stock price changes depend on many factors other than strategic decisions.
However, to the extent that the inflation rate in a given period is accounted for by large relative price changes for particular goods and services, it may be desirable to have additional measures of inflation that adjust for those large relative price changes.
Unexpectedly, however, the Fisher chain measures showed growth rates that were greater than the Laspeyres measures and price changes that were less than the Laspeyres measures for periods to the right of the reference period.
This is an obligation under the current regulatory framework, which directs Etisalat to share its product and service set costing information with the regulator for pre-approval of price changes and promotions.
China's top economic planner is working to fine-tune the country's fuel pricing regime to potentially make price changes more frequent and more reflective of global crude markets, a government official said.
So when a price changes the bookmakers should visibly change it.
If food prices increase, program participants may experience a shortfall in benefits even at the start of the new fiscal year: the benefit adjustment that takes effect on October 1 does not account for nearly 4 months of price changes (mid-]june to the end of September).