price ceiling

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Price Ceiling

The highest price for a good or service permitted by a government. A government may impose a price ceiling to protect consumers or to combat inflation. Many economists believe setting price ceilings is economically inefficient and a better response is to find a way to increase the supply of a good or service in order to bring down prices.

price ceiling

the maximum PRICE that can be charged for a PRODUCT, as determined by the government. Contrast PRICE FLOOR.


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The Indian Pharmaceutical Market - Leading Domestic Companies 2015 also highlights what drives, or restrains, the market for these leading companies;Key Drivers US Generics Market JV, Acquisitions & Mergers Patent Cliff Increased Domestic Health Spending Geographic Expansion into Semi-Regulated and Emerging Pharma Markets Economies in Drug Production/Manufacture Governmental SupportKey Restraints Industry Inefficiencies Regulatory Non-Compliance Price Ceilings Intellectual Property Rights / Compulsory Licence Inadequate Health Insurance, India The US generics market has been a massive growth driver for the India pharmaceutical market, with many leading companies in GMR Data's list generating over 50% of their annual revenues from the US generics market.
NPPA has imposed price ceilings on 509 formulation packs covering 348 drugs classified under the National List of Essential Medicines.
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), which can adjust the price ceilings on a bi-weekly basis, posted the statement on its website shortly after the Ministry of Finance said it would raise consumption taxes on oil products such as gasoline and diesel for the third time in six weeks.
This "allocative cost" of price ceilings has been noted, for example, in rental housing markets, but has tended to receive much less attention than the efficiency cost of too much or too little consumption.
Egypt's cabinet decided in September to impose price ceilings on fruits and vegetables.
It is therefore likely that the President will again refuse to sign the updated law because of the inclusion of electricity price ceilings.
They will also put new retail price ceilings on charges.
Summary: Lebanon's transport unions reconfirmed Wednesday a strike scheduled for May 24, reiterating demands for price ceilings on gasoline and diesel.
The two existing airlines serve an estimated 27 million people, though an imposed price ceilings makes earning profits difficult.
Presently, price ceilings in the Middle Eastern destination make it impossible for international airlines to provide flights in the state.
Gazprom Neft is the increase in refining and the decrease in crude exports in a quarter when domestic product prices were limited by informal price ceilings.
Customers can benefit further from the instalment scheme and take on more than one device on instalment, which includes a wide selection of laptops, with different price ceilings applying depending on the customer's Broadband package.