presidential election cycle

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Presidential Election Cycle

A theory of market performance stating that markets are weakest in the year following a presidential election, regardless of whether a new president or party take power. This theory held up well until the late 20th century, when the presidents' first years saw strong performance. For example, the first year of George H.W. Bush's presidency had strong market performance, but his administration ended with a recession.

presidential election cycle

The tendency of the stock market to move in four-year cycles with rising markets occurring during the period before presidential elections. The presidential election cycle is based on observation of past market movements and on the theory that holds that incumbent presidents manipulate the economy before elections in such a way that bull markets ensue. Also called election cycle.
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After nearly two years of one of the most grueling and vituperative presidential election cycles in modern times, it was over.
Thousands and thousands of Clinton's emails during her stint as secretary of state require long hours and intense investigation, all of which could drag on into Clinton's possible first term or in the four years between presidential election cycles.
Inevitably, every four years during presidential election cycles, some parishioner will tell me that I have the responsibility to announce from the pulpit that no one can vote for some specific candidate and still remain a "good" Catholic.
Over the last eight presidential election cycles, inauguration years have seen exceptionally strong returns for the S&P 500, with an average gain of nearly 20 per cent and in several cases returns of over 30 per cent.
Going back to 1990, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) provides annual single-family, one-to-four-unit loan origination estimates, and this covers six presidential election cycles.
The reality is that the Republican and Democratic parties have clearly moved away from the more-pro-trade stance that they've had in previous presidential election cycles.
For the first time in several presidential election cycles, the "gun issue" is a key factor.
Americans' ascribed importance to terrorism and foreign affairs as election issues are no higher than what Gallup has measured in past presidential election cycles.
Our study explores debate effects across multiple campaign periods, including analysis of the presidential election cycles and debates in 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012.
In past presidential election cycles, E&P has kept a running tally of the various endorsements (and non-endorsements) issued by newspapers across the country, and we will continue that tradition this year.
As part of the 2010 parliamentary and 2011 presidential election cycles in Kyrgyzstan, our assistance funded training for over 50,000 election officials across the country," Robert Blake said.
It makes sense for the board and presidential election cycles to be in sync," said NZNO president Nano Tunnicliff.

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