cash price

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Cash price

Applies to derivative products. See: Spot price.

Cash Price

On an exchange, the price of a security or commodity at the present moment. If one buys or sells a security or commodity, one pays the cash price. The cash price contrasts with the futures price. It is also called the current price and the spot price. See also: Spot rate.

cash price

A price quotation in a cash market. In securities trading, a cash price distinguishes a transaction as being other than a regular five-day delivery, a difference that may be sought for tax or dividend reasons. In commodities trading, a cash price implies immediate or nearly immediate delivery as opposed to settlement in a specified future month. Also called spot price.
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50/oz silver, generally well below present prices (see NI 43-101 technical report by Roscoe Postle Associates of Toronto, January 2004, available at www.
According to insurance companies, that would be bad for their business, considering that with the present prices too they have been operating on the brink of cost-effectiveness.
At present prices, we believe that our stock is undervalued and represents an excellent investment," explained Matt Chapman, chairman and chief executive officer of CFI ProServices, Inc.
The buyback was part of a long-term "capital management programme", which did not necessarily rule out future acquisitions, although at present prices most possible targets looked expensive.
Ibrox currently holds 51,000 and, even at present prices, a full-house would bring in pounds 1m.
currently estimates, based on present prices, that "it will
The quarries have in excess of 500 Million tons of high quality granite that, when processed and loaded for shipment, translates into $5 Billion of market value at present prices.
As a result of NAFTA, dairy industry revenues will rise by about $250 million annually, at present prices.
Service providers face the daunting challenge of ensuring that their sales forces present prices and promotions that are up-to-date and relevant to the sale at hand," said Michael Heflin, CEO of WhisperWire.
Kerby, a company spokesperson, said that Plains considers sales of natural gas at present prices a waste of company assets.
Phelan went on to say that at present prices, Senior Care is grossly undervalued and further stated that the officers and directors are in the market to buy.