cash price

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Cash price

Applies to derivative products. See: Spot price.

Cash Price

On an exchange, the price of a security or commodity at the present moment. If one buys or sells a security or commodity, one pays the cash price. The cash price contrasts with the futures price. It is also called the current price and the spot price. See also: Spot rate.

cash price

A price quotation in a cash market. In securities trading, a cash price distinguishes a transaction as being other than a regular five-day delivery, a difference that may be sought for tax or dividend reasons. In commodities trading, a cash price implies immediate or nearly immediate delivery as opposed to settlement in a specified future month. Also called spot price.
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Best news of all is LPG looks set to stay at its present price (around 30p a litre) for a good while yet.
At the present price level, the agreement could represent savings of US$200 million n the trade balance.
So at their present price we think Yell shares are worth shouting about.
However, Pertamina will not be in a hurry to raise the price as at the present price of Rp 2,100 per kg buyers have complained.
Other than that, I find no reason to recommend the book to a seasoned security manager, especially at the present price.
The Board and Management feel that the present price per share of RSDS is not reflective of the Company's assets and potential.
For each batch, a consultation will be established for each new need for prices present price schedule and subsequent to the date of validity of the first subsequent market.
According to the estimates of the agricultural experts, if this land is sown with wheat, at the present price of 15 denars per kg and the average of yield of 2.
The sacred occasion of Eid-ul-Azha invokes unselfish concern for the welfare of others and inculcate the spirit of doing charitable act of distributing meat to the people who cannot afford to buy meat in present price hike situation, said Ishtiaq Ali a government official.
Mexico, expressed satisfaction at the present price level of USD 80-70 pb.
Sir Michael it appears will press Ofcom to remove the present price cap to provide a pricing mechanism acceptable to shareholders to take the risk of investment.