Preliminary estimate

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Preliminary estimate

The second estimate of GDP released about two months after the measurement period.

Preliminary Estimate

1. In calculating quarterly GDP, a second estimate published approximately two months after the end of a quarter. It includes information not available at the time of the advance estimate, as well as any necessary data revisions. However, it is still subject to scrutiny and potential alteration. See also: Final estimate.

2. An early calculation of the cost of a project. This calculation is made and presented to a buyer before a project has begun, and is subject to change due to both exogenous factors and endogenous factors. See also: Revised estimate.
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released a preliminary estimate of net losses relating to Superstorm Sandy of approximately $650 million after tax and after estimated recoveries from reinsurance.
The government on Tuesday revised slightly downward Japan's composite index of leading indicators for May, which predicts economic conditions some six months ahead, from a preliminary estimate released earlier this month.
The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Board imposed groundwater-quality requirements that Sanitation District officials say will mean installing impervious liners in new earthen storage basins, upping the plant expansion's expected $173 million cost by a preliminary estimate of $30 million.
today announced its preliminary estimate of after-tax losses from Hurricane Katrina in a range of $2.
Census has boosted its preliminary estimate of construction for 2004 from $1 trillion to nearly $1.
At least a third of the nation's species should arouse conservation concern, according to a preliminary estimate by The Nature Conservancy and the Association for Biodiversity Information in Arlington, Va.
One common method of doing so is establishing a preliminary estimate of materiality.
The preliminary estimate for March, released last month, was a 0.
At the time the preliminary estimate was given, the Company had not fully completed its analysis related to the adoption of FIN 48, Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes.
The Cabinet Office on Thursday revised upward the key gauge of the Japanese economy in September from a preliminary estimate, reflecting improvements in industrial production and sales at small and medium-size firms.
has engaged Schlumberger IPM, an operating unit of Schlumberger Oilfield Services, to undertake an initial field development study, including a preliminary estimate of gas in place, for the Company's St.
Further, the preliminary estimate of net income from financial positions in business area Securities has been restated from SEK 229 million to SEK 156 million for the quarter, due to an error in classification of net interest income.

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