Affirmative Action

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Affirmative Action

A series of policies a government or organization pursues to help a given demographic group, especially a historical minority, in work and/or education. Affirmative action may be mild; for example, race may be one of a number of factors a university considers when deciding admission. On the other hand, it may impose stringent requirements; for example, a government may oblige companies to abide by gender quotas when hiring.

Affirmative action as a policy is quite controversial. Proponents argue it helps engender equality among groups in society. Critics contend it does (or at least can) reward less qualified persons at the expense of more qualified persons.

The term "affirmative action" is predominantly American. The concept is called positive discrimination in the United Kingdom, employment equity in Canada and reservation in India.
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Pleas for preferential hiring will get a stony reception in this darkening environment.
Their analysis of affirmative action is similar to those who would argue for the permissibility of preferential hiring policy and practice.
Improving moving and relocation allowances, transfer rights, and preferential hiring arrangements.
It is important to note that as part of the May 18 Effects Bargaining Agreement, SFI offered the employees of Burlington's plant preferential hiring rights for the 30 plus job opportunities in the Middlebury facility.
USF Red Star workers will receive preferential hiring by seniority at USF Holland's eight new terminals in the Northeast and all that follow.
The third shift will add 1,000 jobs to the plant, enabling GM to recall employees in Oshawa and offer preferential hiring opportunities to CAW members at other GM locations.
Vincent Charity Hospitals in offering preferential hiring consideration to affected Saint Luke's employees," Mr.
Best rating of 'A' (Excellent) to benefit our policyholders, and to place any of our employees whose positions might be eliminated because of the transaction on a preferential hiring list to the extent other openings become available.
In addition, laid-off hourly production and maintenance employees who lose recall rights after March 28, 1997, will be eligible for preferential hiring based on qualifications and continuous service, for future bargaining unit vacancies.
The company is saying that the strikers are going on a preferential hiring list, thus giving the jobs and seniority to the replacement workers.
These employees will be placed on a preferential hiring list, based on seniority.
Northeastern University, for example, is giving preferential hiring to openly gay faculty, who can "serve as role models" for homosexual students

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