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POL is significantly less costly than copper-based LANs.
A typical POL zone configuration is composed of an MDF (main distribution frame) that runs fiber to a zone distribution enclosure that is typically mounted in the ceiling.
Until recently, few laboratorians associated JCAHO with POLs.
Then again, you may have directly invited a surveyor to your POL by independently signing up for JCAHO's laboratory accreditation.
POLs that perform high-complexity testing must comply with the quality control requirements by the effective date of the regulations, September 1, 1992, while some quality control standards for moderate-complexity tests are being implemented in stages.
If tests performed in a POL are limited to a few simple tests that are listed as waived procedures, the laboratory standards of CLIA do not have to be met and the laboratory need only obtain a "Certificate of Waiver" to show that the POL is exempt from CLIA.
When asked about the effect of CLIA '88 on the volume of clinical laboratory testing, 33% of the POLs with 1 to 4 physicians experienced decreased testing, while 70% of the POLs with more than 14 physicians experienced no change in their testing volume.
In the 1991 survey, we discovered a high prevalence of quality practices and concluded that the majority of Minnesota POLs were prepared for CLIA '88.
Data from last year's survey and earlier surveys showed there are 1,491 single-physician POLs and 370 two- or three-physician unregulated POLs in Maryland.
Fifty-four per cent of the single-physician POLs routinely performed sophisticated tests in microbiology , 38 per cent in hematology, and 29 per cent in chemistry.
Simple, yet fully featured, no other POL has such specifications; design time is minimal, typically less than 5 minutes