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The Peshmerga fighters, supported and armed, among others, by Germany, are by no means politically united.
Iraq and Syria could only exist if their ethnic groups and communities remain politically united as a unitary state.
The German ambassador said that these challenges pale in comparison to the fact of a mentally and politically united Germany.
Firstly, we need to see a politically united manufacturing strategy that does not change with each new government - a 'One Britain Strategy' - which is actively promoted and is understood throughout the manufacturing industry.
The Maronites have never been politically united throughout Lebanon's modern history.
This can be accomplished with institutional means in a period often years provided that the Albanians are politically united in the realization of this national aspiration, Run Osmani, mayor of the Gostivar Municipality, says in his interview for ARENA.
It is generally accepted that the key elements of economic regeneration in Birmingham city centre - the ICC, Symphony Hall, the NIA, and the Bullring - were driven forward by a strong and far-sighted partnership between a politically united city council and the business community.
But I shudder to think what would have been the condition on this vast landmass if we had remained politically united.
In the wake of mass pro-immigration rallies and harsh public debate, a survey released Thursday shows Latinos feel more discrimination but also more politically united.
The Israelis have to make sure that the Palestinians remain politically divided, with one faction denying Israel's right to exist, in order to keep Israel politically united.
As Lal rightly points out: "It must be in the interest of the United States to see that a politically united Europe does not emerge .
An economic base coupled with a politically united voice could be the solution to the current woes of the LAS.