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The philosophy that what has been done should continue to be done as long as there is not a positive reason to change it. Conservatives may favor class distinctions as natural, or at least not harmful. In modern times, conservatism has become associated with the political right, or the belief that capitalism and the free market tend to best determine how an economy ought to be organized.




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The idea is that textualism is favored by politically conservative judges at least in part because it produces politically conservative results.
The 66-year-old politically conservative Christian with a reputation for promoting family values started out in the oil and gas drilling business.
She said the franchise faces significant resistance amid the politically conservative Antelope Valley, noting that several players had conflicts with their husbands regarding their pursuit of the sport.
Unlike many other works in southern religious history that begin with a white supremacist and hierarchal, apolitical, or politically conservative religious establishment, in order to show the holes in the system or the rising challenge to it, Harvey spends the majority of his book with reformers of many kinds before concentrating on the conservatives.
In a number of case studies he notes that speech codes have been used especially to quash more politically conservative or unpopular points of view.
I have listened to KJSL for about three years now, and I understand how shocking it must be to those who are not politically conservative Christians.
So what "business friendly" means to me, I have resolved, is giving a politically conservative Cabinet officer like Norton, who is a Colorado native, a fair venue to make her points to an audience that includes some vociferous environmentalists.
Forty-one percent of parents characterized themselves as politically conservative, 38% as middle-of-the-road and 19% as liberal.
In addition, the results of this study support Kleemann and Richardson's (1985) findings that politically conservative students were less critical than politically liberal students; students with lower grade point averages (lower than 2.
RWU's marketing plan will showcase the new degree program nationwide in publications for home-schoolers, websites, and other venues that will reach a politically conservative audience.
But he might be seen as too politically conservative to unite the party.
This part of Mexico is politically conservative and greatly influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, and pride events first met with condemnation by Guadalajara officials.

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