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Inspector(s) of Election

The person(s) appointed by the Corporation to act as a judge on voting matters brought before a shareholder meeting. The inspector determines which proxies and ballots are in good form, and acceptable to be voted. They also count and record the votes, supervise and inspect the counting process and attest to the final results. They cannot be overruled on these matters, although they have no voice in the procedural aspects of the meeting itself.
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The midday bombing in the bathhouse killed 16 civilians and a police inspector in Spin Boldak near the Pakistani border, about 110 kilometers east of the provincial capital of Kandahar, said the governor's spokesman, Zalmay Ayubi.
The 40-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs and providing former police inspector Yoshiaki Inaba, who was indicted on a charge of using stimulants, with information about criminal activity.
Although several tests showed that the former assistant police inspector, whose name has been withheld, tested positive for stimulant drugs, senior prefecture police officials at the time hid the results, the sources told Kyodo News.
The police inspector has been targeted at least seven times before.
Shahzad was held guilty for murdering police inspector M C Sharma and assaulting other police officers.
AN INQUEST has been opened and adjourned into the apparent suicide of a former Coventry police inspector.
According to Lakes state's police inspector Lt-Colonel Moses Mayek Dongbil the state is experiencing a period of peace and tranquility.
A Midland police inspector has turned to music full-time after secretly moonlighting as a singer for several years.
AS a retired North Wales Police Inspector who was fortunate NOT to have served under Mr Brunstrom, I cannot believe his arrogance.
Police inspector Charlie Bell and Dave Peacock, who recently retired, have been presented with Mayor's Awards by Ray Mallon.
Police inspector Sue Peart said police would monitor the situation.
Crosby police inspector Neil Turner said: "Operation Vernon is going really well.

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