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Access and integrate data from multiple disparate sources (RDBMS, XML, Pojos, Web Services, BIRT Data Objects, other BIRT reports, Information Objects metadata, high-volume print streams, documents, flat files, cubes, data warehouses, applications, etc.
Now included in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is the ability to support the choice of a variety of popular programming and component models such as POJOs, Spring Framework, OSGi, Seam, Struts, Google Web Toolkit and Java Enterprise Edition, and still enjoy uniformity of management from a single platform with enterprise-class service and stability.
Second-generation service-based architecture: The core JBoss Microcontainer provides improved class-loading, performance, life-cycle management and flexibility across a wide variety of programming and component models including; Java EE, POJOs, OSGi, Spring Framework and more in both traditional on-premise and cloud operating environments.
Known for their accurate, detailed insight into the industry's most widely used software, the JasperReports and iReport books join other successful titles in the Definitive series, including "The Definitive Guide to POJOs," "The Definitive Guide to Symfony," and "The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5.