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Exercise Platinum Eagle 2015 is a multinational exercise at Babadag Training Area, Romania, designed to demonstrate the capabilities of NATO allies in Eastern Europe, Warren said, as cited by the US Department of Defense.
Bullion Coin Programs is recommended specifically for coin collectors with an interest in Gold and Platinum Eagle coins, and uses the author's lifetime of interest in coins and collecting to provide a history of these popular collectibles.
Soon a new American coin - the Platinum Eagle - will be minted for investors and collectors.
Later this year the investment segment of the platinum market should also benefit from the release of the platinum eagle coin.
The Platinum Eagle is the newest addition to the U.
Not only does platinum represent a great investment opportunity due to the metal's scarcity, strong supply and demand fundamentals and value, but the Platinum Eagle coins are also meaningful gifts to enrich commemorative occasions.
The $100, one-ounce Platinum Eagle represents the highest-ever
With passage of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, the Platinum Eagle
Platinum Eagles are being issued in four denominations and sizes: $100 one-ounce; $50 one-half ounce; $25 quarter-ounce; and $10 one-tenth ounce.
Platinum Eagles are the first American bullion coins to contain an
The Platinum Eagles mark the first time since 1792 that coin weight,