Plan sponsor

Plan Sponsor

An employer or company that offers a pension plan to employees. Plan sponsors may directly manage the pensions, but most allow third-party money managers to handle them. However, plan sponsors must determine which employees are eligible for the plan, and most contribute matching funds to each employee's pension, up to a certain point. A wide variety of pension plan types exist, and plan sponsors determine and may change the terms of what they offer. See also: 401(k), IRA.

Plan sponsor.

The plan sponsor of a retirement savings plan is an employer who offers a retirement savings plan to employees.

The sponsor is responsible for choosing the plan, the plan provider, and the plan administrator, and for deciding which investments will be offered through the plan.

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The resulting white paper, " Aligning goals, improving outcomes: 2015 Defined Contribution Plan Sponsor Survey Findings," reveals that although plan sponsors have a strong and growing sense of responsibility for helping employees achieve a financially secure retirement, several disconnects exist between the goals they identify for their defined contribution (DC) plans and how they evaluate success.
These cost savings can then be passed on to the plan sponsor and plan members.
The plan sponsor can correct the failure, pay a sanction, satisfy any additional requirements and enter into a closing agreement with the IRS.
This is an area for pension plan advisers to exert influence on the plan sponsor and suggest periodic reviews of the plan document--especially as the company gets bigger and starts having more people and dollars in the plan--to ensure full understanding of the sponsor's fiduciary obligations.
401(k) plan sponsor generally make one of two types of contributions, at least for NHCEs:
Allowing plan sponsors to restrict payment options solely to a lump sum would be particularly helpful where the plan sponsor has historically not allowed extended payment options, yet a few participants enjoy an extended payment option as a protected benefit from a former plan that was merged into an existing plan.
MetLife's Retirement Income Practices Study: Perspectives of Plan Sponsors and Recordkeepers for Qualified Plans, released today, examines the dynamics of the plan sponsor-recordkeeper relationship with regard to the provision of lifetime income options in qualified plans.
Fiduciary Awareness is Slipping: More than one-third (37 percent) of plan sponsors don't realize they're fiduciaries, up from AB's 2011 plan sponsor survey results.
Another matter that may trip up the plan sponsor is the census that must be prepared at the end of each plan year.
But for some plans, there's an additional step-helping the plan sponsor decide the funding arrangement.
Robert DiMeo, of DiMeo Schneider & Associates, in Chicago says, "We helped one plan sponsor reduce annual plan expenses by over $1 million in a year.
Also, eligible employees must have received notice before the beginning of the plan year, advising them that the plan sponsor might choose to amend the plan in this manner.

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