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Pinboards created around home design, buying tips, landscaping and a few just for fun provide a great mix of information for their targeted followers and provides value to their user base.
According to the company, the pinboard is quick and easy to navigate.
com, according to the company founders, empowers those who visit the website with a pinboard category, where users can collect and organize materials that mean a lot to them.
Emma put together a mood board with cuttings from magazines, brochures and websites on the online pinboard website pinterest.
Emma put together a mood board, cuttings from magazines, brochures and websites, on an online pinboard at Pinterest.
com, the online-content sharing service is a virtual pinboard that allows users to organize and share images they find on the Web.
Users can submit their own pinboard full of images, through an interactive infographic, or vote for their favourite destinations via Twitter.
But the facebooks and Twitters of this world will see their day pass too, and rising rival site Pinterest -- a lush, graphically-focussed pinboard of image-led sharing -- is a hint of where things may be headed.
Use a pinboard to display family photos, favourite magazine cuttings, or pictures of beautiful settings and far away places to evoke dreams or memories.
Among the many teenage self-portraits on display are a lovingly produced print of `Queen Roweena', a 21st Century Queen Victoria, a traditional oil painting depicting a teenager's feelings the moment her father left during her exams, a carefully constructed digital image showing a 14-year-old boy's love of fish and an immaculately produced front cover of a glossy magazine featuring cover-girl Naomi and a young student's pinboard.