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Pickup's class has rather fallen off, and that there are dealers in pictures, nowadays, who are as just and honorable men as can be found in any profession or calling, anywhere under the sun.
Merely because she was curious and had nothing better to do, Ozma glanced at the Magic Picture and wished to see in it the King of the Nomes.
He was there now, and Ozma saw him plainly in the Magic Picture.
Twelve years ago I could not have appreciated this picture.
But, after all, it was the most singular part of the affair that so many of the pompous governors of Massachusetts had allowed the obliterated picture to remain in the state chamber of the Province House.
Why did I always think your pictures beautiful, Dirk?
So you can't sell your picture, and you've lost your job, and your girl has shaken you?
I told him a man wanted to sell me a copy of the celebrated Infanta Maria Teresa of Velasquez, that I'd been down to the supposed owner of the picture, only to find that he had just sold it to him.
Mamma sends all her pictures to London,' said Arthur; 'and somebody sells them for her there, and sends us the money.
Picture and sculpture are the celebrations and festivities of form.
Presently he found it beneath a picture of another little ape and a strange animal which went upon four legs like the jackal and resembled him not a little.
I saw," he said, "the picture that you have just hidden.