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In addition, we wanted to provide innovative features like Account Watchdogs and Personal Accountant, as well as check imaging, to our online customers, which Sumx's system enables us to do.
The only thing better than Microsoft Money would be having your own personal accountant.
His personal accountant and close friend, Richard Vitale, was indicted on charges of illegal lobbying, arranging an illegal pay-to-play scheme, and making improper campaign donations.
Most recently, the speaker acknowledged receiving a $250,000 third mortgage on his house from his personal accountant, Richard Vitale, who has lobbied the Legislature for passage of a bill that would eliminate the current cap on add-on prices for the resale of sport and entertainment tickets.
of Little Rock, was a long-time friend of the Joneses and had been the couple's personal accountant since 1954.
The error was spotted by his personal accountants in January while his tax return for the previous financial year was being finalised.

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