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Sony's Magic Link personal intelligent communicator carries a suggested retail price of $995.
16, 1996--Philips Semiconductors today announced its TwoChipPIC, PR31500 and UCB1100 chipset and software fax/modem for handheld PCs (HPCs), personal digital assistants (PDAs), personal intelligent communicators (PICs), and other smart communication products will support the new Microsoft Windows CE operating system.
Subscribers are expected to access the Paseo service through communicators running the Magic Cap platform, such as Sony's Magic Link(R) Personal Intelligent Communicators (PICs) and Matsushita's Personal Intelligent Communicators.
Magic Broker is a software package for personal intelligent communicators such as the Sony Magic Link, which utilize the Magic Cap(TM) operating system.
The service will be available shortly on Magic Cap compatible personal communicators, including Sony's Magic Link personal intelligent communicators.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- OAG Travel Services, a division of Reed Travel Group, announced that OAG FlightLine travel information is now available on Sony Electronic's Magic Link personal intelligent communicators, the Magic Link PIC-2000.
The Magic Cap division expects to focus its efforts on developing platform and application software for a variety of communications vehicles, including personal intelligent communicators (PICs), Windows(TM) and Macintosh(TM) personal computers, mobile phones, and screen-based phones.
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