Aggressive growth mutual fund

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Aggressive growth mutual fund

A mutual fund designed for maximum capital appreciation that places its money in companies with high growth rates.

Aggressive Growth Mutual Fund

A mutual fund that invests primarily or exclusively in high-risk, high-return securities. They may invest in IPOs and quickly re-sell; they also commonly invest in options. Very little of the income from an aggressive growth mutual fund comes from dividends; rather, most of its earnings come from capital appreciation. They have a high degree of volatility, and tend to correlate highly with stock market performance; that is, they do well when stock markets do well and poorly otherwise. Some analysts believe that while aggressive growth mutual funds correlate in this way, they do so more strongly, meaning that their values increase and decrease more steeply than stock markets as a whole.
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Albert's older sister Amelia, aged seven, has also played her part, encouraging the dance school she is a member of to partdonate performance funds.
one of the nation s largest investment managers, and Trustmark Corporation have reorganized approximately $929 million in assets of funds of Performance Funds Trust into Federated funds with similar investment objectives.
Assets of eight equity, fixed income and money market funds of Performance Funds Trust transitioned into seven Federated funds
The Performance Funds include eight diverse mutual funds: four equity, two fixed income and two money market funds.
AXA Private Equity offers investors a broad selection of high performance funds for every market segment: Buyout, Expansion Capital, Venture Capital, Co-investments, Infrastructure, Mezzanine, Primary, Early Secondary and Secondary Funds of Funds.
We've got a lot of high-performing, different types of funds from the group offshore, and it's just a matter of matching those high performance funds to the investment appetite of institutions in Australia,' HSBC Australia chief executive Stuart Davis reportedly said, adding that HSBC's funds management arm plans to distribute emerging-market (BRIC) funds and alternative investment funds, among others.
The windfall, known as performance funds, will allow the trusts to help Mr Dobson meet Government pledges to cut waiting lists by 100,000 before the next General Election.
and Trustmark National Bank in connection with the proposed reorganization of approximately $903 million in assets, including about $571 million in money market fund assets, of the funds of Performance Funds Trust into Federated funds with similar investment objectives.
The Performance Funds, advised by Trustmark Investment Advisors, Inc.
The Performance Funds are distributed by Performance Funds Distributor, LLC.
a subsidiary of Bank of Oklahoma and an affiliate of Bank of Texas, Bank of Albuquerque, Bank of Arkansas, Colorado State Bank and Trust and Valley Commerce Bank, provides investment advice and administrative services to the American Performance Funds and receives a fee for its services.

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