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The late and much respected Mr George Sundell, and his number two Mr Jack Fenney, always told Teesside pensioners' meetings in the 1970s: "You don't want freebies, demand enough to pay your way with dignity.
Questions and comments were taken and the views expressed will be passed on to the national pensioners' parliament meeting in Blackpool this June.
A recent report suggested that pensioners' living costs are rising at more than double the national average, with escalating food and energy prices hitting retired people harder than any other age group, he said.
This question has to be discussed fully with the bus companies, pensioners' groups and the Executive, and a positive reassurance given that free, concessionary travel nationwide means exactly that.
The Merseyside Pensioners' Association said that most of its members would not be taking up the credit -which replaced the minimum income guarantee yesterday -by telephoning a special hotline.
Former union leader Jack Jones, president of the National Pensioners' Convention, urged the Government not to wait until April to make the increases.
According to Bekim Neziri, director of the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, the latest legal modifications which stipulate that one member of the Fund's management board should be from the Federation of Pensioners, are also in the service of improving further the already good cooperation with the pensioners' associations.
But Huddersfield and District Pensioners' Organisation chairman Noreen Logan is not celebrating the landmark.
Syd Ashby, regional chairman of the West Midlands Pensioners' Convention, led the four-hour event at Carrs Lane Church Centre, in the city centre.
REGARDING the so-called underfunding of the pensioners' free bus travel in Tyne & Wear, I bet not many pensioners are aware that pensioners living in County Durham can travel free from their area in Consett, Stanley etc, to Newcastle, MetroCentre, Gateshead etc.
Tomorrow an 'army of pensioners' is expected to take part in a lobby of Parliament, when a petition of 100,000 signatures will be presented to Downing Street, according to the NPC Joe Harris, general secretary of the NPC, said, 'The Government's White Paper on pensions contains nothing of immediate benefit to today's pensioners.
He's one of 70 pensioners who'll be travelling from Coventry to Blackpool for the national Pensioners' Parliament tomorrow.